• August 13, 2017

What is the Best Tennis Ball for a Ball Machine?

best-tennis-balls-for-ball-machineFinding the best tennis balls for a top-rated tennis ball machine is a very different task than finding what tennis balls the pros use at Wimbledon. Although the pros may be hitting much harder than you are, their tennis balls are only used for 6 games. Instead, the tennis balls for the ball machine must last for weeks and weeks without going flat. This article will walk you through the different kinds of tennis ball available (pressureless vs. pressurized), tell you which tennis balls are best for the tennis ball machine, and finally recommend some reliable brands for you to purchase.

Best Tennis Ball for Ball Machine

Our reviews concluded that the Penn pressureless tennis ball is the best tennis ball for a ball machine. Continue reading for additional information on what makes the Penn pressureless tennis ball superior to its competitors.

Pressurized vs. Pressureless Tennis Balls

Pressurized Tennis Balls

When you imagine a normal tennis ball, you imagine a pressurized tennis ball. These come in a can so that the pressurized air inside the ball can be preserved. Since the atmosphere’s natural pressure is less than the pressure inside the tennis ball, the gas dissipates over time causing the ball to go flat. So how long does it take a tennis ball to go flat? Unfortunately, not very long. Balls will lose their pop in just a couple weeks, even if you’re not using them!

Because they lost pressure so quickly, pressurized balls are not the best tennis balls for a tennis ball machine. Since a large number of balls (often 150 or more) must be fed into the ball machine, the balls spend a lot of idle time losing pressure. If you have a portable tennis ball machine and bring it out to the courts every week, you may find that your tennis balls are already flat after just three or four weeks. Essentially, this means that your balls will go flat before you’ve even had a chance to use them. These are not the best tennis ball for a ball machine.

Pressureless Tennis Balls

close-up-tennis-balls-best-for-ball-machineUnlike pressurized tennis balls, presureless tennis balls have the same pressure as the normal atmosphere! This kind of tennis ball gets its bounce from the internal structure of the tennis ball. While you don’t want to play with only pressureless tennis balls, these are the best tennis balls for a ball machine. Why? Because they last MUCH longer and you’ll actually get use out of them. Actually, instead of getting flat with time, the pressureless tennis ball gets bouncier!

Unfortunately, maybe since they’re the best tennis ball for a ball machine, these balls are a bit more expensive. But considering how much longer they will last, they are well worth the investment, even if you purchased a cheap tennis ball machine.

Note: Continue to use normal pressurized tennis balls for normal practice. The bounces on these balls are slightly different and you don’t want to get too used to only using pressureless tennis balls!

Brands: Best Tennis Ball for Ball Machine

So, we know that the best tennis ball for a ball machine is a pressureless tennis ball. But, there are lots of brands out there so which one provides the most bang for your buck. We factored in ball performance, Amazon reviews, and price. Our review led us to conclude that the products below are the best tennis ball for ball machines.

Penn Pressureless 48-Ball Bucket

If you purchased a ball machine with a 150 ball capacity, buying three orders of these pressureless tennis balls will have you ready to hit the courts! This is the best tennis ball for ball machines if you are looking for a high capacity order. Amazon reviews confirm that the Penn pressureless tennis ball provides a high-quality version of a normal pressurized tennis ball. Getting the bucket with the balls is also a nice way to transport them. Finally, the large quantity makes for a reasonable price-per-ball.

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Wilson Pressureless Tennis Ball 18 Pack

If you are just looking to try pressureless tennis balls and don’t want to purchase the large bucket, try this Wilson pack of just 18 balls. They perform almost identically to the Penn balls and will give you a good introduction to the look and feel of a pressureless tennis ball. If you are looking for the best tennis ball to fill your ball machine though, I recommend purchasing the bucket above as the price per ball is much better. This is the best tennis ball for a ball machine for a low volume order.

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Best Tennis Balls for Tennis Ball Machine
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