Why Are Tennis Balls Fuzzy?

  • August 30, 2017

Why are Tennis Balls Fuzzy? The questions that keep us up at night: why are tennis balls fuzzy? We can answer this pesky tennis question through two lenses: historically and functionally. Historical: Why are tennis balls fuzzy? At the birth of tennis in 16th century England, tennis balls were not made of rubber. Instead, they […]

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Lobster Elite 2 Review Tennis Ball Machine Guide


Tennis Ball Machine Guide: Review The Lobster tennis ball machine line of products is plentiful and it can be difficult to determine which tennis ball machine is the best for you. Here, Tennis Club Supplies will dive head first into a Lobster Elite 2 review. The Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine is Lobster’s mid tier […]

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Best Tennis Balls for Tennis Ball Machine

  • August 13, 2017

What is the Best Tennis Ball for a Ball Machine? Finding the best tennis balls for a top-rated tennis ball machine is a very different task than finding what . Although the pros may be hitting much harder than you are, their tennis balls are only used for 6 games. Instead, the tennis balls for the […]

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How Does a Tennis Ball Machine Work?


Tennis Ball Machines Explained: How does a tennis ball machine work? When I first purchased a tennis ball machine, I found myself wondering how such a small battery powered machine could shoot out at tennis balls at such high speeds. They’re impressively deadly. But what’s the secret? How does a tennis ball machine work? In […]

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Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Review and Comparison


The Comprehensive Review and Comparison on Lobster Tennis Ball Machines There are no shortage of Lobster Tennis Ball Machines. With a variety of options and price points, it can be tough to keep all your options straight. Do you want two-line oscillation or will one-line oscillation be enough for the tennis ball machine drills you’re […]

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