• June 29, 2017

Finding the Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machine: A Comparison

best-cheap-tennis-ball-machine-alignmentAffordable tennis ball machine almost sounds like an oxymoron. Do just a little research and you’ll quickly realize that finding a high quality budget tennis ball machine is near impossible. But we’ve taken the research work into our hands and scoured the web for the best cheap tennis ball machine for the money. Presented below, you’ll find the contents of our research as well as suggestions for what the best affordable tennis ball machine is for you. These tennis ball throwers will be sure to help you complete even the most demanding of tennis ball machine drills. And if you’re looking to use your tennis ball shooter on courts that aren’t nearby, be sure to look at what the best portable ball machines are.

Compare Best-All-Around Tennis Ball Machines

While a focus on a budget price is important, we also look for high-quality, well-made tennis ball machines. We hope these tennis ball shooters provide not only you with a good option in terms of budget, but also with a cheap tennis ball machine that leaves you sweaty and smiling after using it. Finally, if price isn’t actually that important to you, try looking for the best tennis ball machine.

Actually Rich and Looking for a $10,000+ Tennis Ball Machine?

Best Affordable Tennis Ball Machine Under $1000

best-cheap-tennis-ball-machine-directionsIt’s a shame that spending $1,000 on a piece of sporting equipment can be considered “cheap.” But when it comes to finding an affordable tennis ball machine for the money, budget options may still seem expensive compared to other products. Here, we’ve compiled what we consider to be the very best budget tennis ball machines. And remember that even if these still seem expensive, it’s less than you would spend for a dozen lessons with a tennis pro! And your new tennis ball thrower will last a life time!

ModelLobster Sports Elite FreedomLobster Sports Elite LibertyiSam Ultimate
Battery LifeUp to 4 HoursUp to 4 HoursUp to 7 Hours
Dimensions21" x 14" x 21"21" x 14" x 21"18" x 17.5" x 19"
Spin Available?YesNoYes
Top Speed80mph70mph70mph
Weight35 lbs35 lbs39 lbs
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Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machine Under $500

Well, you asked for a cheap tennis ball machine under $500. For this price, all you will find is a tennis ball machine for beginners. While these tennis ball throwers are wonderful for children, if you are an adult you will quickly get bored of them. Check them out on Amazon to see what your money can get you, but I recommend paying slight more for the best tennis ball machine you can afford.

ModelMatchmate RookieQuickstart 
Battery LifeUp to 5 HoursUp to 4 Hours
Dimensions11" x 22" x 11"28" x 12.5" x 12.5"
Spin Available?NoNo
Top Speed30mph30mph
Weight22 lbs29 lbs
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Conclusion: What is the best budget tennis ball machine for the money?

celebrate-with-best-budget-tennis-ball-machineFinding the best budget tennis ball machine will inevitably cost you more than you hope it will. To put it simply, tennis ball throwers are generally not very cheap. But the options on this page should get you started in the right direction. There are many factors to consider when making any large purchase and we encourage you to consider more than just price, but also oscillation factors, elevation, spin control, size, weight, and battery life. Be sure to read Amazon reviews of the affordable tennis ball machine you are looking to purchase.

We also recommend looking at tennis ball hoppers to go along with your affordable tennis ball launcher. These can help ball pick up go a lot quicker and help you transport the balls from court to court. View our review on tennis ball hoppers!

As you continue to shop, remember that there are a lot of different manufacturers out there. Tennis Club Supplies highly recommend purchasing your budget tennis ball machine from Amazon.com. By purchasing on a reputable site like Amazon, you be sure to have someone backing you up if something goes wrong with your machine. Additionally, shipping costs are generally lower on a large item like your new cheap tennis ball machine. And finally, in our research, we’ve found Amazon to have the cheapest prices. Happy hunting and happy hitting!

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Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machine Comparison
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