The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Tennis Ball Hopper

best-tennis-ball-hopper-in-useThe best tennis ball hopper is a necessary piece of equipment for tennis players of all levels. By spending less time picking up balls and more time hitting them, you can drastically improve your game just by purchasing this one piece of equipment. Here, by considering factors such as price, performance, durability and intended function, we help players interested in tennis ball baskets find the best tennis ball hoppers on the market.

adjustable-legs-diagram-on-best-traditional-tennis-ball-hopperThe most basic variety of ball hopper is designed to assist with tennis ball pickup. A small tennis ball cart, generally constructed of thick but bendable wire holds between 50 and 100 balls. By pressing the bottom of the contraption on top of a tennis ball, the tennis ball carrier will pick up the ball for you! After picking up the balls around you, the best tennis ball hoppers have foldable handles that convert to legs. This style of tennis ball carrier creates an ideal setup for coaches and players looking for a small basket to practice serves out of.

Not only does a top tennis ball hopper help you spend more time hitting forehands and backhands, it can also help avoid injury. Bending over for tennis ball pickup can tax your body; the best tennis ball basket can help avoid this.

In sum, purchasing the best tennis ball hopper can be almost as important as purchasing a tennis ball machine.

All-Around Best Tennis Ball Hopper

Tourna Sampras Ballport

The Tourna Sampras Ballport’s large size, light weight and intuitive design award it the title of best tennis ball hopper. This hopper holds 80 balls and while there are larger options, 80 is enough for most players’ needs. It’s lightweight plastic design (most hoppers are metal) will save you strife while doing tennis ball pickup.

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Special-Use Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

Best Portable Tennis Ball Hopper

A close contender for the best all-around tennis ball hopper. High capacity (you can select your size), lightweight build, and designed to be easily transported by vehicle.

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Best Tennis Ball Hopper for Coaches

For coaches with multiple students on the court who require a high capacity, this it the best tennis ball cart. Sturdy build. Not very portable. Extremely high 325 ball capacity.

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Best Tennis Ball Hopper: Traditional

If you like the look of the traditional wire tennis ball cart, this is the one to purchase. Sturdier build than the plastic Tourna Sampras. Maneuverable legs. 75 Ball Capacity.

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Don’t Forget to Purchase Tennis Balls in Bulk with your Hopper!


Tourna Sampras Ballport Review

tourna-sampras-ballport-tennis-ball-hopperThere’s a reason Pete Sampras endorsed this tennis ball basket. It’s sturdy and well built out of polypropylene. This material is just as durable and reliable as the steel found in Wilson’s model, but it is much lighter. When your basket gets filled with balls and you need to lug to the other side of the court, these few extra pounds come in handy.

tourna-sampras-ballport-multiview-tennis-ball-hopperThe 80 ball capacity found on this tennis ball cart is sufficient. It won’t blow you away like some of the other models, but it provides enough balls for one or two players to wear out their arms hitting serves. In case you think that 80 balls is too many but you still want to buy the same brand as the best tennis ball hopper, consider the MiniSampras Ballport which uses the same technology, but is considerably smaller.

While the Tourna Sampras Ballport is without a doubt a great tennis ball basket, it is a pain to assemble. Sometimes to get the best tennis ball hopper you have to put in some work! Amazon reviewers report the directions are poor and it can take up to an hour. But once you get it put together, you won’t be disappointed. Just like Pete, this tennis ball carrier is a beast!

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Gamma EZ-Travel Ball Hopper Review

gamma-ez-travel-ballhopperThe Gamma EZ-Travel Ball Hopper is a significant step up from the previously listed Tourna Sampras Ballport and has the price point to prove it. But for the additional money, you get a myriad of additional features which help to put this basket in close competition as the best tennis ball hopper. First, the Gamma EZ-Travel has locking wheels. Their design is a great solution to moving heavy tennis balls around a court. The locking system allows the cart to stay in place while using it to feed balls.

But portability is a factor not only on-the-court, but also off. With it’s nylon lining (interspersed with wire for support) the Gamma EZ-Travel is durable yet extremely easy to move around. You can zip up the top so balls don’t roll out. It’s the best way we’ve found to move large number of tennis ball in your vehicle. If you also have a portable tennis ball machine, this hopper is a great addition.

gamma-ez-travel-ballhopper-portableTo increase its position as the best tennis ball hopper, the Gamma EZ-Travel adds to its portability with detachable wheels. The wheels fit inside their own included carrying case. We caution you only if you actually want to fit 150 balls (or 250 depending on the selected model) in the hopper. The comfortable capacity is about 10-20 tennis balls fewer than the advertised number.

Since this tennis ball cart can’t actually pick up balls, you would be smart to pair it with a tennis ball pick-up tube or tennis ball mower.

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Gamma Sports Brute Teaching Cart Review

You better have a lot of tennis balls at your disposal if you plan to purchase this tennis ball basket (we recommend buying these Penn tennis balls in bulk). The Gamma Sports Brute Teaching Cart is designed for the tennis coach who is teaching on the same court every day. It’s heavy duty, durable construction will stand the test of time. Additionally, this tennis ball carrier comes with a weather resistant coating making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If you’re looking for a long term investment that isn’t portable, then this is the best tennis ball hopper for you.

Along with it’s massive 325 ball capacity, the Gamma Sports Brute Teaching Cart glides easily around the court. The well-built wheels run smoothly but also lock solidly into place for when you’re feeding tennis balls.

gamma-sports-brute-teaching-cart-best-tennis-ball-hopper-infographicIt is important to note that this tennis ball basket is not portable. In order to remove the legs (necessary to fit in a vehicle) you will need to use a screw driver to unscrew the legs. This is the sacrifice you make for purchasing a tennis ball cart that is as durable and solid as the Gamma Sports Brute Teaching Cart is.

Finally, my favorite feature of this tennis cart is the small shelf beneath the primary tennis ball basket. This ledge is a fantastic place to store cones, jump ropes, ladders and any other tennis accessories you might have on the court. Once I went to teaching with this shelf, I couldn’t go back. You become so used to having a place to set all of your equipment that it is tough to function without it.

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Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up Hopper Review

Traditional. Classic. Reliable. TheWilson 75 Ball Pickup Hopper is the best wire tennis ball hopper available. It is easy to assemble and is by far the cheapest model available. But as with all tennis products, you get what you pay for. The wire construction, while durable, add a few pounds to this tennis ball cart that are noticeable when it’s filled with tennis ball. But even with it’s metal construction, it’s not as heavy as you might think coming in at just over 6 pounds. Of course, the wire on bottom is just the right width to allow you to pick up tennis balls in bulk by pressing the hopper down on stray balls.

The brand name is also a good sign for this tennis ball basket. You get the guarantee of one of tennis’s best brand and if you buy on Amazon as well, you’ll also have great shipping and return options. If you’re looking for the best cheap tennis ball basket, Tennis Club supplies recommends the Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up Hopper. Also peak at our article on cheap tennis ball machines for additional suggestions on cheap tennis products.

wilson-75-ball-pickup-hopper-in-useFinally, it should be mentioned that this cheaper product comes with a few faults. The legs are shaky and can occasionally come dislodged from the main chassis. This can be a pain and require the use to manually reattach them. I’ve also face the issue while coaching of having an advanced player strike the Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up Hopper and it falls over. This causes the balls inside to explode across the court and spray everywhere, quickly ending the drill. I keep trying to tell my students not to hit it and yet the younger ones seem to aim for it when they discover the spectacle that occurs after making contact.

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The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Tennis Ball Hopper
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The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Tennis Ball Hopper
A high-quality tennis ball basket is an essential piece of tennis equipment. This article walks players through finding the best tennis ball hopper.
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