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Why are Tennis Balls Yellow?


It’s hard to imagine it any other way now. Yellow tennis balls just makes sense. But when you think about, wouldn’t purple or bright green be just as good. What gives? Why are tennis balls yellow? Tennis balls are yellow because in 1972, the ITF (International Tennis Federation) did a study to determine what color tennis […]

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Colored Tennis Balls: Where to Buy Them


Whether they’re for you to improve your tennis game or for your dog to tear them apart, colored tennis balls add a unique element to a classic product. This article will walk you through where to buy colored tennis balls including ones that are orange, red, pink, white, green, black, and blue. Remember, there is […]

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How to Practice Tennis by Yourself

  • September 19, 2017

7 Ways to Practice Tennis By Yourself One great thing about tennis? You just need one other person in order to play. But sometimes, especially if you’re a tennis addict looking to improve your game quickly, you’ll be looking for ways to spend extra time developing. We’re here to help. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive […]

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Why you Should Start Wearing Tennis Sunglasses Right Now

  • September 9, 2017

The tan lines might just be worth it. As more professionals start wearing tennis sunglasses at the game’s top tournaments, club level players worldwide are wondering about the benefits and risks of sports glasses designed for the tennis court. By selecting the best tennis sunglasses, you can minimize the cons and maximize the pros of […]

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Why Are Tennis Balls Fuzzy?

  • August 30, 2017

Why are Tennis Balls Fuzzy? The questions that keep us up at night: why are tennis balls fuzzy? We can answer this pesky tennis question through two lenses: historically and functionally. Historical: Why are tennis balls fuzzy? At the birth of tennis in 16th century England, tennis balls were not made of rubber. Instead, they […]

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