Colored Tennis Balls: Where to Buy Them


Whether they’re for you to improve your tennis game or for your dog to tear them apart, colored tennis balls add a unique element to a classic product. This article will walk you through where to buy colored tennis balls including ones that are orange, red, pink, white, green, black, and blue. Remember, there is more to consider than just the color. Also, think about whether pressureless vs pressurized tennis balls are best for you.

Multi-Pack of Colored Tennis Balls

Many people are looking for a variety of colors. Luckily, you’ve got more options here than you do if searching for individuals colors.

Orange Tennis Balls

You have a few options that are a mix between the classic yellow with some orange added in. These are designed to be tennis balls for kids and juniors.

This page will give you some information on the beginner tennis balls and what the different colors mean.

If you’re looking for tennis balls for a small dog, take a look at these Mini Orange Tennis Balls.

Red Tennis Balls

These red tennis balls are a sturdy option to keep both the players and the dogs out there satisfied. They come in a pack of six.

Similar to the developmental orange balls discussed above, you can also purchase red beginner tennis balls which are for slightly more novice players. These beginner tennis balls work great with portable tennis nets that are designed for youth tennis players..

These colored tennis balls are a red and yellow mix. But note that they are foam, not rubber. Your dog will tear them to shreds and they won’t work for normal tennis. But they’re great for junior players.

Pink Tennis Balls

If you’re looking for balls that play like a normal yellow one, pink tennis balls might be your best bet. Made it support of breast cancer awareness, both Penn and Wilson manufacture pink tennis balls.

If you’re looking for colored presureless tennis balls, the only color we found those available are pink. Check out these pink Hello Kitty tennis balls.

White Tennis Balls

While not technically colored, white tennis balls are a great choice for players looking for a non-yellow normal tennis ball. Traditionally used on grass courts, these will give a classic feel to a day on the courts.

Green Tennis Balls

green-tennis-ballsGreen tennis balls fall into the same boat as the orange and red balls discussed above. They are used for beginners as practice balls. This makes them a great choice for dogs or junior tennis players. You’ve got a few options including green dot tennis balls, Gamma green practice balls, and pressureless practice balls.

Black Tennis Balls

No normal black tennis balls out there. But there are black tennis balls designed for dogs. Don’t use them at night.

Blue Tennis Balls

You’ve got three options when it comes to blue tennis balls. All of them are designed for a specific use so read about your purchase carefully.

Your search won’t be easy…

Colored tennis balls are not in high demand! So finding the perfect ball in the perfect color may require some compromises. By the way, interested in why tennis ball are fuzzy?

Good luck on your search for colored tennis balls. And remember, many of the products will not suffice as balls for a normal tennis match. Often, these products are lower quality than yellow tennis balls making them best used for dogs and kids.

Colored Tennis Balls: Where to Buy Them
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Colored Tennis Balls: Where to Buy Them
Colored tennis balls are a fantastic item for dogs and tennis players alike. Finding the color and style you're looking for can be tough. We searched the web to find the best colored tennis balls available.
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