• July 17, 2017

The DIY Tennis Ball Machine: Can you do it?

diy-tennis-ball-machineNo doubts about it — you’ve taken on a massive project. Building your own DIY tennis ball machine is a daunting task even for someone who has considerable experience with mechanical engineering. While this article certainly won’t provide step-by-step instructions to assist you in your project, we will aim to point you to a few resources to help you get started. Before we begin, it’s important to note that this is not an easy task. These machines are complex and require advanced and potentially dangerous machinery to assemble. And if you don’t do a good job, you’ll be significantly restricted in the types of tennis ball machine drills you can do. Tread carefully and don’t purchase all the DIY supplies at once before you’re sure you can complete the project.

In this article, we’ll provide a basic overview of the necessary information to build a DIY tennis ball machine and an analysis of how difficult this DIY tennis ball machine project will be. Whether you’re debating whether to start, just starting now, or deep inside your adventure…good luck!

Looking to Purchase a Tennis Ball Machine Instead?

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Project Analysis: What is your goal with a DIY Tennis Ball Machine?

Folks embark on DIY projects for many different reasons and it’s important to have accurate expectations upon beginning your project. We recommend this project for individuals looking for a difficult mechanical engineering project. Upon completion, you will not be left with a high performing tennis ball machine. If your goal at the outset of your DIY tennis ball machine project is to obtain a high performing tennis ball machine, we recommend purchasing one a top tennis ball machine or even one of the cheaper models.

spinshot-plus-weight-phone-appLooking for a High Performing Tennis Ball Machine?

Forget it. If you’re looking to improve your tennis game, don’t try this route. Your much better off spending your time on the court than tinkering with a DIY tennis ball machine. Buy one of the best portable tennis ball machines on the market, stop reading articles on the internet, and start practicing!

Looking for a Tennis Ball Machine for Your Dog?

You stand a chance. If you BOTH love your dog AND you love tinkering, then the DIY tennis ball machine could be up your alley. Since a dog doesn’t require the same advanced functionality as a tennis ball machine for an actual tennis player, this option may work. But make sure your dog isn’t too old because this project will take awhile. Better yet, start and finish the DIY tennis ball machine before you get the dog.diy-tennis-ball-machine-for-dogs

Looking for a Difficult DIY Tennis Ball Machine Project?

Finally, if you are focused on the means but not the end, then keep on reading. For all you tinkerers out there, the DIY tennis ball machine is the project for you. But be warned, this project is not for the faint of heart. An advanced knowledge of carpentry, circuity, and motors engineering is a necessity. If you don’t possess some sort of knowledge about engineering prior to embarking on this challenge, we recommend purchasing a tennis ball machine instead.

If you think building your own tennis ball machine might be a bit too complex for you, then think about picking up some other tennis skills. One we recommend players learn early? Learn how to string your own tennis racquets! You’ll find that by perfecting this skill you become more in tune with your tennis game and equipment. You’ll also save a lot of money, even if the up front price of a tennis stringer isn’t cheap up front.

Further Information on the DIY Tennis Ball Machine

As you continue your research into the DIY tennis ball machine, use the resources below to help guide your project.

First, be sure to purchase the appropriate supplies and tools you’ll need in order to do a high quality job. Next, consider checking out what makes the best tennis ball machines the best by reading up more on Tennis Club Supplies. And finally, remember to have fun! This is no easy project and it’s only worth it if it brings a smile to your face!

The DIY Tennis Ball Machine
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The DIY Tennis Ball Machine is a formidable projcet that will prove difficult even for the best of engineering students. Tread carefully before you begin. Good luck!
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