Tennis Ball Machine Guide: Lobster Elite 2 Review

lobster-elite-2-tennis-courtThe Lobster tennis ball machine line of products is plentiful and it can be difficult to determine which tennis ball machine is the best for you. Here, Tennis Club Supplies will dive head first into a Lobster Elite 2 review. The Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine is Lobster’s mid tier machine. If this one is a bit too expensive, check out the Lobster Elite 1 tennis ball machine. And if you don’t care about buying a cheaper tennis ball machine, take a peak at the Lobster Elite 3 .

Comparison of all Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

Basic Overview: Lobster Elite 2 Review

The Lobster Elite 2 is Lobster’s mid-tier tennis ball machine. Sandwiched, between the Elite 1 and the Elite 3, the Lobster Elite 2 offers most of the functionality of the Elite 3 at a price much closer to the Elite 1. As detailed in our Lobster Elite 2 Review, our favorite out of all three of these machines is the Lobster Elite 2! It’s combination of price and features make it a formidable product not just among Lobsters, but among all brands of tennis ball machines.

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Key Features of the Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation

lobster-review-drillsHorizontal Oscillation means that without changing any settings, the Lobster Elite 2 can place balls on both sides of the court. Unless, you want to hit only forehands all day long, this is a needed feature of any tennis ball machine. Vertical oscillation provides even more options by allowing the player to adjust the ball’s depth. More so, by combining these two features you can do all of our recommended tennis ball machine drills, or create your own! The oscillation settings on the Lobster Elite 2 are reliable and can hit within a 3 foot radius of the same spot on the court for a full basket of balls.


lobster-elite-2-portable-bannerOne of the most important things to mention in the a Lobster Elite 2 review is it’s fantastic portability. Most players don’t have the luxury of a tennis court in their backyard and we’ll be using their tennis ball machine at local public courts. The Lobster Elite 2 makes this easy. It’s 44 pounds which might sound heavy, but in the world of tennis ball machines, that’s pretty light.

In addition, the Lobster Elite 2 folds up with ease making it simple to fit the machine into the back seat of a sedan. Our only critique of it’s portability is the handle can be a bit flimsy. But we find this to be an easily overcomeable issue so long as you treat the machine with care while transporting it. If portability is an important factor for purchasing your tennis ball machine, view our article on the best portable tennis ball machines.

Elevation and Spin

In addition to the horizontal and vertical oscillation settings, the Lobster Elite 2 also allows players to adjust the elevation and spin of the ball. Simulating a real opponent is the most important part of a top tennis ball machine. The presence of these features make that possible. By consistently using a machine that doesn’t allow for spin and elevation control, you will get used to hitting only one type of ball and this can be deadly when it comes to real match play. Use top spin on 60% of your drills, flat on 20% and backspin on 20% to mimic a live opponent. The elevation settings will allow you to practice beating pushers and perfecting your overhead.

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Lobster Elite 2 Review Pros

High Functionality

As briefly discussed above, the Lobster Elite 2 brings to the table a wealth of options. This will keep your tennis ball machine drills exciting and new. By combining elevation, spin, vertical oscillation and horizontal oscillation, you can simulate real life tennis situations easily. The Lobster Elite 2 is the cheapest machine on the market that allows the player to utilize all of these different settings.

Long Battery Life

There’s nothing worse than being out a public tennis court after lugging your tennis ball launcher out with you, only to have it die on you within an hour. Our Lobster Elite 2 review found that this tennis ball thrower avoids this issue by providing exceptional battery life. The machine performs well under pressure with up to four hours of use and even if left unintended for awhile, the battery continues to perform well when powered up.

Lobster Elite 2 Review Cons

Sticky Wet Balls

This is a problem that is not unique to the Lobster Elite 2. When tennis balls get wet and are then loaded back into the ball machine, they can cause the rotating wheels and compression chambers to become faulty. There is no easy fix to this problem. Instead, it’s important to only use your tennis ball machine in dry weather. If there are puddles on the court, consider purchasing a tennis squeegee to dry them before putting your tennis ball machine to use. These jams will not cause permanent damage to your tennis ball machine, but they do require you to head to the other side of the court to fix them.

Remote Control Additional Cost

lobster-elite-2-review-conLobster charges an arm and a leg for their remote control. While it’s nice they build one that is compatible with the machine, it would be nicer if it came with it. To make matters a bit worse, there is no delay built into the machine which means you’ll waste time running to other side of the court. It ends up being a small issue, but there is an easy way to remedy the situation. After adjusting your settings (this generally wastes about ten tennis balls), power down the machine and start it back up. There is an approximate 10 second delay on start up (settings remain the same after a restart). Use this time to hustle over to the other side of the court!

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Conclusion: Lobster Elite 2 Review Tennis Ball Machine

lobster-elite-2-settingsThe Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine is a great tennis ball launcher. It provides almost the same functionality of the more expensive Lobster tennis ball machines but at a fraction of the price. With cheaper tennis ball machines, it’s easy to get bored with the few number of options. But with the advanced model, there are a huge variety of all the best tennis ball machine drills to keep you busy for years to come. Particularly, the allowed combination of horizontal and vertical oscillation (along with spin, speed, and elevation adjustments) provide infinite variety.

While we don’t like the fact that you have to purchase the remote separately, we’re willing to overlook this issue for all of the other benefits noted in the lobster elite 2 review. Remember, if you’re looking to improve your game, stop reading, order the darn thing so you can start training!

Important Note: The Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine recommends pressureless tennis balls. To learn more, check out our article on the best tennis balls for tennis ball machines.

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