Best Portable Tennis Net Reviews 2018: A Comprehensive Review

  • December 15, 2017

Sometimes a tennis court isn’t nearby, but the need to improve your tennis game is as close as ever. Or maybe, you’re looking to create a smaller net that can work as a kids tennis net. Situations like these are where having the best portable tennis net comes in handy.

You can also consider purchasing a tennis rebound net if you want to play alone. Here, by looking at a number of factors, like price, portability, size, and material quality, Tennis Club Supplies helps you determine the best option with portable tennis net reviews.

Best Portable Tennis Net Comparison

Wilson EZ Portable Tennis Net

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Price: $$$

Weight: 3 lbs

Length: 18 feet

Height: 3 feet

Rating: 5/5

Summary: This is the best portable tennis net on the market that is designed specifically for tennis. It’s light, sturdy, and great for young kids learning the game of tennis.

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ProCourt Badminton & Tennis Net

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Price: $$

Weight: 5 lbs

Length: 20 feet

Height: 2.6 feet (or 5 feet)

Rating: 4/5

Summary: This portable net is suitable for both badminton and tennis. The net features sturdy construction and comes with a carrying case for portability.

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Pickleball, Badminton & Tennis Net

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Price: $$

Weight: 6 lbs

Length: 20 feet

Height: 3, 4 & 5 feet

Rating: 3/5

Summary: This is one of the best portable tennis nets if you’re looking to use it for multiple sports. Additionally, it comes with birdies, tennis balls, pickle balls, and paddles.

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Bonus Option: Best Rebound Tennis Net

best-rebound-tennis-netSummary: This is one of the best rebound tennis nets. It serves the purpose of a wall but works at your home and is portable. If you’re looking to practice alone, check out our article on how to play tennis by yourself. It comes at a good price and weighs 40 pounds.

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The product receives great reviews on Amazon. The tennis rebounder has a large size of 7 feet by 9 feet tall make it ideal. Just large enough to keep the rally going with yourself, but small enough to force you to work on placement.

The Wilson EZ Best Portable Tennis Net

best-portable-tennis-netThe Wilson EZ Portable Tennis Net is a must-have for training young beginning tennis players. It is a fantastic mini tennis net. For me, knowing the manufacturer is a tennis stalwart like Wilson is comforting. While it does lack the same sturdy structure as a normal tennis net, that con is made up for by its portability. You can set this guy up anywhere making it a fantastic garden tennis net or driveway tennis net.

If you’re planning on putting your young player in official USTA 10 and under tournaments, this is the net used. It’s always good to practice as you play so if training for competitive play, stick with the brand name Wilson. Here are the USTA rules on junior tennis tournaments.

One of the best parts of this product is how quick you can get playing. Slide the portable tennis net out of its included carrying case and you’ll be playing with five minutes. Take down and set up is easy. The net works best with colored tennis balls that are designed for beginning players.

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If this option seems slightly too expensive, check out the Aoneky Mini Portable Tennis Driveway Net cheaper option which is similar and receives similarly great reviews.

Procourt Mini Badminton & Tennis Combi Net (20 ft)

height-extend-prcourt-tennis-netThis product not only serves as a top portable tennis net, but doubles as a badminton net. It’s a great general sports combination net. The portable tennis nets and posts are well built and hold up well with lots of use.

The Procourt Mini Badminton & Tennis Combi Net also comes in 10 ft. and 30 ft options. I’ve found that the 20 ft. to be the best portable tennis net for a balance between portability and length. 10 ft. is just a little too short.

As it comes with a carrying case, you’ll find it easy to set up a portable tennis court wherever you end up. I’ve had some great junior tennis in the park lessons with this product.

Tennis Training Tip: I like to raise the net to badminton height, but still play tennis. Training with a high net is a great to force yourself to get adequate clearance over a normal tennis net.

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Lifetime 90421 Pickleball, Badminton, & Quickstart Tennis Net Set

mini-tennis-netThe quality on this portable tennis net is not quite as high as the others, but it does allow for three different net heights. This is a great feature both for practicing tennis with a high net, but also for playing multiple sports. As a further plus, it comes with paddles, rackets and birdies. These added products make it this mini tennis net ideal product to purchase as a gift.

We recommend this set for folks who are looking for something fun to add to their backyard. Maybe tennis training itself isn’t your top priority, but you just want a fun multifaceted product. The Lifetime 90421 Pickleball, Badminton & Quickstart Tennis Net Set is the option for you.

Although the quality on this kids tennis net is slightly lower, it still does the trick. Expect to get something like 1-2 years of usage out of this portable tennis net system. The best portable tennis net options above may give you closer to 3-5 years of use.

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Best Portable Tennis Net Reviews 2018: A Comprehensive Review
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Best Portable Tennis Net Reviews 2018: A Comprehensive Review
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